What if

We, entrepreneurs, venture to balance business, society
and environmental matters.

These topics are parts of a same whole
and your brand is instrumental in that process.

We meet up to team up and advance solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Beyond ideas, we value connection to what we are, feel and do.
What matters to you also matters to us as long as our cohesion grows stronger.

be better

While most are satisfied with good enough, we strive for better. We are all meant to grow and develop ourselves. Our wider purpose is to seek to optimise our society as a whole.


Everything starts with an honest & transparent talk.
That’s how we set the corner-tone and the stone for our relationship.


Energy sparks motion between people with a common goal. One visible outcome is tenfold happiness and creativity. That’s how we make the impossible possible.

meet the team

Multi-skilled people turning words into action.

valery desil

- make the impossible possible

brand strategist & co-founder

He is an all-round marketeer with 10+ years experience in marketing, product management, communication and predictive modeling applied in Telco, Retail, Insurance and FMCG industries.

Next to his “day jobs”, Valery also launched several entrepreneurial projects such as a music label or a preincubation platform for entrepreneurs.

Graduated in business management from ICHEC, he is also a multi-instrumentalist autodidact and he is educated in advertising and neurosciences.

Share with him your wildest ideas, he will figure out how to make them happen with an action plan.
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Laurent Bruwier

- to infinity & beyond

brand strategist & co-founder

With a solution-oriented mindset, Laurent acquired 10+ years experience in business & finance solutions for companies in Supply Chain, Manufacturing and FMCG industries.

Born in an entrepreneurial family, Laurent has always had the mission to help companies in their optimisation until transformation.

Laurent graduated in business management from ICHEC Business School. Curious by nature, autodidact and new tech addict, he is passionate about graphic design and nutrition.
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Paul-François Gay

- Don’t worry, be happy

film maker & Motion Designer

Paul-François is a multi-skilled photo- and videographer who already has a fair amount of projects behind him. This experience certainly helps him meet whatever challenge with agility, fluidity and, of course, creativity.

Graduated in Numeric Arts at the Saint-Luc Ecole Supérieure des Arts, he combines academic qualities with his can-do mindset.

Thanks to his perfect mastery of editing tools he can perform complex camerawork and never stops pushing back his limits.

Besides visual arts, Paul-François is passionate about sports in general, and has a soft spot for touch rugby.
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Elise Haemers

- if you believe in it, it's halfway done

campaign & community manager

Graduated in communication and marketing at IHECS, she is a digital native ! A phone in one hand, a laptop in the other, she’s a passionate person.

She is keen about digital marketing, photography and the visual world. She is also very enthusiastic about copywriting and alternative sciences.

Always (almost) smiling, she’s a very social person who likes to meet new people and discover new places.

You need to build your community ? She’ll be happy to discuss this challenge with you!
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Arnaud Braibant

- what is done with love, is well done

creative & graphic designer

He is driven by the desire to travel and learn new things. This is why he had a strong training in Berlin and Lisbon by renowned graphic designers.

With a complete training as a print graphic designer and a Master's degree in global design with an eco-responsible dimension, he gives a fresh and generational look at today's world.

His practice is rooted in a cultural, social and human desire to follow his convictions in order to have the best answer to today's issues.
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Ralph Zechendorf

- movement is life

Content strategist

He is a multi-role creative worker. After studying graphic novelisation, screenwriting, film analysis and culture business management (ULB -2008), he has been a collaborator and board member of a multilingual non-fiction publisher for 12 years.

Self-taught copywriter, SEO and content writer, he also directed short films and video clips.

Interested in photography, transport, real estate, history, psychology, business and military strategy… learning never stops.

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Whenever your project requires it, we expand our team with :

certified translators
data scientists
cognitive scientists
front & back-end developers
product designers

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