What is a purposeful brand experience ?

A purposeful brand experience is a marketing approach that brings closer brand activation and positive societal impact to drive higher customer engagement.

This concept is built upon the idea that brands have the ability to give purpose and meaning to the act of consumption. Even more, they are instrumental in advancing solutions to the challenges of our century.

Through the design of purpose-driven strategies, business leaders can help improve the world while building profitable businesses at the same time.

Amplify your brand engagement

Winning new customers may be a challenge, but engaging them on the longer run is a whole other process. Like most pro marketers, you certainly use data analytics and predictive models to uncover the hidden patterns in your customer’s behaviours.

While we all agree that qualitative data (CRM, advertising, transaction, demographic...) and their clever use remain a powerful attraction and prospect conversion tool, we believe that these only hit your short-term targets. Besides, you may have noticed that customers often act very differently than what was predicted in the data...

Customer aspirations and their experience

We analysed some famous brands with a consistent and stable customer base and researched why their customers were so loyal over the time.

Was it for the product, service quality, marketing budget or simply absence of valuable alternative ? Yes… but there is more to that : the power of authentic values. More specifically the ability for a brand to design a superior customer experience which transfers emotional value to consumers in a way that makes them feel involved, understood and purposeful.

It means that your brand must address what your customers value if you want to inspire them to act and care about you. Watch the world around you, people are showing more and more advocacy for societal purposes.

Time has come to adapt these in your marketing strategy.

Memorable brand experience

Marketing attracts, branding nurtures.

That's why businesses, that outperform their competition, reconnect to their brand purpose and put it at the core of everything they do.

They even redefine their value proposition and reorganize their teams to deliver positive interactions at every touchpoint (physical or digital). And, consequently a memorable experience.

As a result, their customers trust those brands because they feel listened to and understood. In return, they offer them their loyalty.

Engaged customers and societal matters

Brand loyalty becomes a brand engagement when a customer feels part of something larger, with a purpose. By sharing values, customers and brands create a community which claims its place – its meaning – in the world.

An authentic purpose means standing for something that goes beyond what an organisation sells. Set a clear and tangible goal that people (consumers and employees) can value. Those of your target audience who share these aspirations will join you, willing to help you achieve this goal.

To face the challenges of the 21st century, each one of us has a role to play. So do brands. So do their customers. Now, imagine if all the marketing power of your brand was used to create meaningful value for our society as a whole.

Design your purposeful brand experience

Purposeful brand experience is at the crossroads of branding, digital marketing, cognitive science, growth hacking and technology. These are all underlying disciplines to customer engagement and, when they exist, people working in these departments operate often in silos.

As a consequence, many obstacles could jeopardize the efficiency of your initiatives :

• Lack of alignment with your brand strategy
• Dissonance between the brand positioning and the experience of consumption
• Non inclusion of customer emotions

Nothing unsolvable but this kind of approach requires a coordinated and transversal action.

Regardless of your industry and size, you are just one click away from fulfilling your needs and those of your clients.

Create purpose with us