When a gimmick becomes the key element of a brand

Youco is an executive and organisational coaching company with a focus on sales training and coaching.
With services targeted at large companies as well as smaller ones, Youco wanted to develop a brand identity that conveys professionalism and accessibility.

Youco’s key feature is their ability to make trainings as enjoyable as they are useful.

During the briefing sessions, the founder explained how he used to distribute printed smileys to the participants of his trainings as a way to cheer them up.

As negligible this fun fact might seem, it actually became the main driver to write the brand personality.

mixing fun and seriousness

How to design a joyful logo without compromising the seriousness of the company?

Starting from a smiley, we drew the rest of the name all around it. Using a bold font was a choice to add some presence to the brand and to reveal the “you” as a way to highlight the customer orientation of the company.

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