Context & Challenge

Loloveno is a brand that started with an entrepreneur's dream of designing custom clothes for her kids.

Driven by strong eco-responsible values, she was looking for a brand with a similar engagement. Her frustration of not finding the right match rapidly evolved into the motivation to create one by herself.

Turning a passion into a brand

What was once a dream soon became a decoration and clothing brand focused on early childhood.

An autodidact seamstress, our client didn’t quite realise the potential of turning her dream and passion into a profitable business.

Our work first started with helping her to structure her idea into an appealing value proposition : custom kids room decor and apparel for parents with a DIY mindset.

Under the brand Loloveno, she now offers sewing classes and custom-made designs such as custom cushions, bed covers, posters…

Brand design

Entering such a market requires a strong brand identity consistent across various touchpoints.

That’s why we imagined a responsive logo with a custom font that could fit into a poster, a shopping bag or a clothing label.

The color palette was designed to express serenity, sweetness and eco-friendly values.

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