Good Morning Sales

Context & Challenge

Our customers are two sales trainers & sales coaches with over 20 years of knowledge to pass on. Their initial offer was a classroom-based course which experienced limited success.

However the content quality was good, as well as the presentation skills of the talented instructors.
Therefore, we needed to discover where the opportunities were missed.

Market Research

Even though we had an intuition about the root causes, we conducted a survey among a hundred entrepreneurs and salespeople to foster understanding of their needs and approach to training.

Almost 80% of them expressed the view that conventional trainings were boring and poor in concrete material to apply to real-world practice. Moreover, they complained about the requirement to take a day off to attend the classes.


With such insights, we understood that the market was longing for a much more convenient product that could be consumed wherever and whenever they wanted to. That’s how “the Netflix of sales” was born as a platform including:

- self-training videos

- coach booking for on-the-field sessions

- access to a community of peers to share sales challenges

The brand

We created the brand identity starting with the name Good Morning Sales. We were looking for a name both explicit and friendly, that people could easily remember.

Among different propositions, our client kept Good Morning Sales because of the freshness and positivism carried by the name.

We developed the visual identity logo and color palette accordingly and further developed a sound identity in the same vein.

The brand identity was deployed across different touchpoints (Facebook, Linked In, Instagram with an ever growing community).

The launch

After the development of the platform, we wanted to raise awareness before launching the product.

That’s why we created a teasing campaign with a making of video and four weeks later, an awareness video for the official release of the platform.

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