Memorable unboxing experience

ASW is a Belgian startup active in the circular economy. They collect used smartphones from large corporates to give them a second life and sell them to consumers.

Previously, their smartphones were shipped inside a standard cardboard box. This was a practical choice more than an emotional one, and undoubtedly, this is the kind of packaging consumers automatically dispose of.

With a willingness to improve their customer experience at every touchpoint, they wanted to give their clients the feeling of something new.

They entrusted us with the creation of something memorable their customers would want to keep, ideally without compromising their ecological values.

Creativity and circularity

That’s why we designed an eco-friendly double packaging :
        • A main box with postal stamps & stickers
        • A secondary box holding the smartphone  

But the essence of the experience actually lies in the details.

To generate a surprise effect, we added a plantable thank you note to show recognition to the customers. You read right, plantable.

Indeed, we were wondering how to make customers experiment circularity and sustainability, both at once. The plantable paper will progressively grow into an agreeable aromatic plant, initiating positive word of mouth.

A packaging, a touchpoint.

More than a box, we developed a touchpoint regrouping : information content about the startup - what they stand for - and environmental data to sensitise customers.

This introduction is a tiny part of what we do for ASW.
Contact us for more detail about our work for the startup.

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