Make it fresh, strong & disruptive !

Arbalett is a recruitment agency founded in 2019.  
They are specialised in the recruitment of executive and technical profiles.  

They entrusted Advenci with the creation of their brand name, visual identity and digital presence.

Naming : distinctiveness by design

As a new recruitment firm in an overcrowded sector, they wanted to stand out and demonstrate sharpness and efficiency.
Although we had a carte blanche, only one requirement was communicated: “no using of the founder’s name and anything disruptive”.  

We came up with the proposition 'Arbalett' as a reference to the crossbow in English or Arbalète in French. Associating the world of headhunting with an unusual object was our formula for creating a powerful mental image. And consequently, a memorable name.  

This name not only offers an appealing sonority but also various eye-catching visual possibilities.

Responsive logo

We looked for something that could be both well balanced and easily adaptable, whatever the display.

The visual emphasis on the “A” suggests the crossbow and proposes a graphic element that could also live by itself and still communicate the full name.

Translating the founder’s personality into graphic design

Here we designed a typography expressing the incisiveness and the open culture of the company.

We created custom letters to obtain a balanced mix of rounded and angular corners. The result is something contemporary and forward-looking at the same time.

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