supercar cellar conception

Alveol is a new brand launched in 2020 focused on a niche product: the concept of wine cellar reimagined for collection cars.

This startup proposes to transform a cold & charmless garage into a conviviality space around exclusive cars.

The founder trusted us to build the brand identity from scratch.
Before working on the creative part, we helped the founder write a business model canvas (value proposition, customers segments, revenue model…).

And thus we initiated a brand concept that further evolved into a brand and marketing strategy.

A cocoon for the car and its collector

We crafted the name Alveol as a reference to the exclusive cocoon the startup creates and the specific attention to detail required for such a work.

Positioned as a premium brand, we developed a brand identity that expresses modernity, aestheticism and precision.

Brand activation

While we deployed the brand identity for several touchpoints, we also created a mediakit which helped Alveol being published in Pollen Magazine (Fall 2020).

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